This week offers students the opportunity to gain a solid grounding in some of the basics of Greek grammar and vocabulary. It will enable students to start reading the Greek New Testament for themselves and so gain deeper insight into the message at the heart of the Christian faith. The course leader is The Revd Gervais Angel who has taught New Testament Greek to ordinands for the Church of England over forty years. He was for a number of years the Greek examiner for the Church of England. He holds degrees in Classics and Theology from Oxford University.

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Comments from previous courses

'I really enjoyed the course and the tutor was excellent'

'Highly challenging and hugely rewarding ... the tutor gave sure guidance for a range of mixed ability students'

'There was a wonderful sense of fellowship'

'The experience is just such a privilege'

'Meals were excellent'

'I would definitely recommend this course'

'Extremely good teacher'

'You need strong personal motivation/desire to learn NT Greek - I would recommend the course to any such person'

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